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Streamer is an audio plugin for Adobe Premiere that allows you to audition and customise music without leaving your project. Our stock music is streamed to your timeline, in sync with your pictures which makes finding music much more efficient. 

All our music is customisable which means you can adjust the tempo and instrumentation to perfectly suit your film.

If you would like to hear more from us, including product and music updates, signup here!

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Streamer is your portal to awesome music in Premiere

Keep music locked to your pictures, even when you're looking for it.

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Innovative music auditioning

Our "Playlist Explorer" allows you to audition tracks with absolute ease.

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Choose a song,

control the mood and a

djust the tempo.

Quick and easy customisation tools let you find your music faster and tweak it to suit your film perfectly.

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Need more control?

Adjust the volume or completely cut out any stem in the mix for absolute precision scoring. As close to hiring a composer without actually doing so.

Sync different.