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VST User Guide for Adobe Premiere

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Updated: September 2018


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About Streamer

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Quick Start Guide

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Using Streamer

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– The Browse Window

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About Streamer:

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Streamer is a unique music licensing platform that speeds up and refines the process of adding a soundtrack to your Adobe Premiere project.

Via an audio VST plug-in, licensable music can be auditioned and customised in sync with your project. As Streamer is fully integrated with Adobe Premiere, there is no need to visit external stock music websites. As our music is streamed in real-time, there is no need to commit to download a song until you have made your final choice.

Streamer also offers unrivalled customisation options. Stems (isolated instruments) can easily be removed or volume-adjusted. Tempo can be changed by +/- 15% to suit your edit.


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1. Download

Click “Download Streamer” here or in the email you received from us.

2. Install

Unzip and run the Streamer VST installer. The installation file will guide you through the setup process. 

3. Scan

Open Adobe Premiere. Go to Preferences > Audio > Audio Plug-in Manager, then click "Scan for Plug-ins".

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4. Set Preferences.
Open Adobe Premiere and set your project Audio Sample Rate to 48000Hz in Preferences > Audio Hardware. 

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5. Insert Streamer Plug-In

Insert the Streamer VST Plug-In on an audio track and enjoy music in sync with your project!

(See Quick Start Guide for more details about how to insert the Streamer Plug-In on an audio track)

Quick Start Guide:

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1. After you have installed Streamer, open the Audio Track Mixer (in the Window menu) and click on the arrow to the left to reveal the Plug-In Effects Insert and Sends section.

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2. Choose the audio track you want to use for Streamer’s music and insert the Streamer Plug-In in any slot (VST > Effect > scoreaddiction > Streamer).

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3. Double-click the plugin to open it.


4. Enter an email address and password to create a Score Addiction account. You will be sent a verification email to finalise the signup process.

Note: You only need to log in once. Existing Streamer users will be logged in automatically.

Picture 11.png

5. Drag the “Placeholder” audio file to your timeline on the same audio track that you inserted the plug-in. Put the Placeholder audio file where you would like music to start.

Screen Shot 2018-09-09 at 10.31.53 am.png

6. Press play in the timeline, and then press either “Listen” or “Browse Playlists” in Streamer.

7. Enjoy music, in sync with your project!

Using Streamer:

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Streamer has 3 main windows: Browse, Playlist and Stems.

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Browse Window: The music in Streamer is organised by Playlists (like an album) each containing 6 songs. Use the Browse Window to broadly find the style of music you are looking for.

Playlist Window: Here, you can specify the song you want and make some broad adjustments to the song such as the mix, mood and tempo.

Stems Window: In this window you can specifically adjust instrument volume to your exact requirements.

Page 7

The Browse Window

The Browse Window is the place to start finding music for your project. Playlists are organised by theme and can be quickly auditioned using our innovative Playlist Explorer.

– The Playlist Explorer:

By clicking on the “Play” button of any playlist, you can quickly get a sense of the 6 songs contained in that playlist by clicking and dragging within the Playlist Explorer window.

As you drag over the different songs and sections of a song (intro, theme, build etc) the music is seamlessly crossfaded for a quick and enjoyable auditioning experience.

Picture 8.png

Click on one of the 6 songs to listen.

Click and drag anywhere in the Playlist Explorer to hear the different sections of the songs.

If you think these songs (or a particular song) is suitable, click Load Playlist. If not, click close (X) to return to the Browse window and continue auditioning other playlists

Clicking Load Playlist in the Playlist Explorer takes you to the Playlist Window:


Page 8

The Playlist Window

The Playlist Window provides a simple interface for customising your selected song, or playlist.

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Page 9

The Stems Window

The Stems Window is used to customise specific parts of the song.

  • Stems (instruments) can be muted (switched off) by clicking on the corresponding number on the left hand side.

  • The volume of each stem can be adjusted by clicking and dragging on the waveform.

In the screenshot below, the Drum Kit and Vocals have been muted and therefore removed from the mix for the duration of the song.

Picture 10.png

Note: To download this customised version of the song, return to the Playlist Window and click “Download”.


Page 10

Do I have to be connected to the internet to use Streamer?

Yes, our music is streamed in real-time from an audio server. However, once you have chosen and downloaded your song, you will no longer need to be online as the downloaded file will play from your local drive.

How much do your songs cost?

For a limited time, we are offering our music completely free of charge for any usage, in all territories, in perpetuity.

How often will you add music to Streamer?

All the time! We will be scaling up the number of songs available over the coming months - all you need to do to see the latest songs is open the Plug-In. It auto-updates the music each time you close/open it.

Do I have to credit Score Addiction or Streamer?

If you use one of our songs in any project that shows end credits or text credits (e.g. on a Vimeo or YouTube post) we would really appreciate a credit and a link to our website ( in exchange for the free music.

Do I have to credit the composer or register Streamer music on a cue sheet for the broadcaster?

Nope! We own all our music 100% and we don’t want you to have any hassle with registering music. Just use it and credit us when possible.


Page 11


I have installed Streamer but I cannot find it in my list of audio Plug-Ins.

Try this:

  • In Adobe Premiere, go to Preferences/Audio

  • Click “Audio Plug-In Manager”

  • Click “Scan for Plug-Ins”

  • Click “OK”

  • Return to the Plug-In inserts in the Audio Track Mixer and have another look in the list. It should appear in the VST folder


I’m pressing play on a playlist in Streamer but I’m not hearing any sound.

Try this:

Sorry to state the obvious, but it catches everyone sometimes! Is your speaker volume up? Are you getting any sound within Premiere?

Try this:

Is the “Placeholder” audio file on the timeline, on the same audio track as the one that Streamer is inserted on? E.g. if you inserted Streamer on Audio Track 3, the Placeholder audio file must also be on the timeline on Audio Track 3.

Try this:

You need the Premiere timeline to be playing and Streamer to be playing to hear anything. Press play in Premiere first and then press play on a playlist in Streamer.

Try this:

Is your Premiere project audio set to 48kHz? If not, Streamer won’t work properly.

To check, in Premiere, go to Preferences > Audio Hardware. Locate “Sample Rate” and if necessary, switch to 48000Hz.

Try this:

If you have tried everything above and all looks as it should, try removing Streamer from the Plug-In insert in the Audio Track Mixer and then re-inserting it.

Try this:

Still no sound? Before reaching out to us ( just try re-booting your Premiere session.