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Shadow Vale

In the style of our albums like “The Missing” and “The Rabbit Hunt”, the tracks on this album will form a pseudo-soundtrack from a fictitious TV drama.

6/1/25, 1:00 am

The tracks should be as authentically filmic and score-like as possible. To me, this means 1) keeping the production fairly minimal without too much layering 2) being creative with sound production - e.g. spend as much time spent on the sound of the instrument as deciding the notes it plays. Also creative sound design can work well. 3) Repeating themes across multiple album tracks. I.e. you could provide 3 or 4 tracks that share some common (melodic) theme.

Keywords: Tension, Subtlety, Dark, Momentum

Instrumentation: Combination of organic, orchestral instruments and processed, synthetic sounds

Usage: Documentary, drama, podcasts


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