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Cinematic Joy

The album will feature around 12 tracks that combine orchestral and contemporary pop elements to create a unique sound that is both modern and cinematic. The album's overall sound will be uplifting, with a focus on positivity and joy.

24/11/24, 10:00 pm

Some tracks can lend themselves more to the orchestral/soundtrack sound such as Reference 1 (below). 

Or lean towards a heartwarming, slightly poignant sound like Reference 2.

Mood Keywords:



Strings - should be featured, either full orchestral section or smaller ensemble

Piano - should be featured

Brass - should be fairly subtle if used at all. Horns could work as an “empowering” or “heroic” top line

Drums - Rock/Pop style if used. Tracks could be with or without drums

Orchestral Percussion - used in moderation as we don’t want these tracks to sound too big and heavy

Use Cases: Likely to be used for uplifting moments or “good news” reveals

• Reality

• Sports stories

• TV promos

Track Duration: 1.30 - 2.30


Mood Board

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