Welcome to Score Addiction

Score Addiction provide the fastest way to find and apply music to visual media. We build tools (like plugins and web-apps) to allow you search and customise music to perfectly compliment your pictures. 

Our plugin for Avid Media Composer is in Beta so if you are an editor and use Avid (currently Mac only) we'd love to hear from you so we can make the "must have" music tool for media creators. Our plugin is and always will be free of charge. 


    What is the Score Addiction Plugin?

    Our plugin for Avid Media Composer offers a customisable music library at you fingertips. 

    • Browse music in sync with your timeline and audition in real-time (track selection changes instantly)
    • Customise tracks by muting instrumentation, balance levels or change tempo
    • Make changes to the track in sync with your pictures (easily fade or mute instruments with picture cuts/transitions)
    • Change tempo in sync with pictures to hit cuts or change pace as music progresses